BC Student Voice

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With the support of the BC Ministry of Education, BCPVPA has helped BC Student Voice grow to represent all regions across the province.


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BC Student Voice has placed representatives on provincial Ministry of Education committees and represented student voice at regional and provincial meetings. The program has developed its own vision, mission and goals. Supported by adult advisors, students meet regularly to review provincial education directions, gather support for their various regional initiatives and facilitate developments of school and district student voices.

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Twice annually, BC Student Voice hosts forums around the province to give students an opportunities to have their views and opinions heard on all matters that affect their education.

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Vancouver School Board Student Trustee

The Vancouver School Board Student Trustee began their duty in 2013. The student trustee serves for one school year, and can be elected for two terms.

According to Vancouver School Board policy, student trustees will…

  • participate with other trustees in discussions, and provide a student perspective on matters before the Board
  • present a Student Trustee report at the first regular Board meeting of each month
  • report regularly to the students of the VBE, through the Vancouver District Student Council (VDSC), the activities of the Board pertaining to public meetings of the Board and its committees

According to Vancouver School Board policy, student trustees can...

  • attend all meetings of the Board, including standing committee meetings
  • comply with the Student Trustee Conflict of Interest Guidelines
  • suggest a motion on any matter at a meeting of the Board or a committee on which he/she sits
  • have access to all information and resources provided to Board members (e.g.: reports, training sessions, etc.) with the exception of information related to matters which are being considered at a private/closed meeting or from which persons other than trustees are excluded
  • visit and meet with secondary school students in schools within the Vancouver School District

According to Vancouver School Board policy, student trustees cannot…

  • be a member of the Board
  • vote on any matter before the Board or any of its committees
  • have the statutory powers or duties of a school trustee under the School Act
  • cannot attend or present private/closed meetings or at which persons other than trustees are excluded.
  • cannot move a motion

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Vancouver District Students’ Council

The Vancouver District Students’ Council, or VDSC, is a committee of dedicated student representatives from all 19 secondary schools and 22 alternative programs at the Vancouver School Board.

The VDSC’s mandate is to provide student input in the planning and decision-making of the district. It is also an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills, work collaboratively with students from other schools on pertinent educational issues, to contribute to the Vancouver school district and to learn about decision making and policy development.

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Sunshine Coast Student Trustee

In British Columbia, the Board of Education of School District No. 46, called Sunshine Coast, created a permanent seat for a student trustee on the board in 2013.

District Student Leadership Team, or DSLT

Two senior students from each of the district’s high schools form a district student leadership team to support the student trustee.

Through a thoughtful consensus process, the team agreed that one of their number will be the Student Trustee for the 2013/ 2014 school year. They selected another student to be their Chair.

Meeting frequently, the DSLT helps the student trustee to understand issues that are relevant and important to the district’s student body and to provide a venue for student discussion and support.  The team meets monthly with the district superintendent.

Silas White, chair of the Sunshine Coast school board, said in a local newspaper article,

“…We are making decisions that affect students all the time, yet with no direct connection to our students’ point of view…A student trustee will enrich our dialogue and decision-making with perspectives and first-hand knowledge which we, frankly, are decades removed from.”

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British Columbia Student Trustees

The British Columbia School Act does not currently enable Student Trustees to sit on boards of education.


A 2013 proposal to promote student trustees through the British Columbia School Trustees’ Association failed. However, two districts went ahead and launched positions, with additional districts considering opportunities throughout the 2014-15 school year.

B.C. Student Trustees

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