1970s Student-Involved Curriculum Writing

In 1972, students in Buffalo, Atlanta and San Diego were reported to be paid stipends for working as members of school district curriculum writing and review teams. These students participated fully in decision-making, evaluating and advocating for what they saw was best in classes both in their schools and throughout their districts. (Kleeman, 1972) Related […]

A Middle School in Orange, California

Students who planned learning activities in the city of Orange, California, started with research, became planners and started advocating, becoming a great example of Meaningful Student Involvement. A small middle school in Orange was brought to life with an exciting project that engaged students as researchers. In addition, the school decided to take the research to the […]

Bear Valley High School

Students who are examining the very purpose and types of school improvement in their schools may be experiencing Meaningful Student Involvement. The principal at Big Bear High School in Bear Valley, California, wanted to explore student views of learning, so she started a student-research program. The group focused on the questions, “Does our school restructuring […]