StudentVoicesNUA™ is a program of the National Urban Alliance. It provides students with opportunities to co-create with teachers innovative curriculum-related projects using 21st century technology, to increase their involvement in professional development, to mediate literacy and learning strategies for parents, and to participate in leadership discussions and decision-making. An exciting part of StudentVoicesNUA™ is having students co-teach […]

Students on School Boards in Connecticut

Here are different facts about roles for students on school boards in Connecticut. District School Boards Students can legally join district school boards. Students cannot legally vote on district school boards in Connecticut. Local principals usually select student representatives for one year terms. State Board of Education There are 10 voting members of the Connecticut State Board […]

Hamden High School

At Hamden High School near New Haven, Connecticut, is home to a Human Relations Club that is led by students that transformed school culture. Through this extracurricular program, students advocate for their school to address issues of racism, sexism, prejudice and stereotyping. This program has many different activities, including an annual prejudice reduction conference, a […]

Bethel High School

At Bethel High School in Bethel, Connecticut, the Principal’s Advisory Committee has been assisting their school’s leader since 2000. Headmasters or principals sometimes form a Principal’s Advisory Board by asking 6 to 10 students to help process the issues in their position. It started out with 12 participating students, and in just three years, this decision-making group has […]

Youth Action Research Insitute Education and Advocacy Project

The Youth Action Research Institute in Hartford, Connecticut, has coordinated student-led research projects focused on schools and education for many years. In 2007, four school districts participated in a student action research program as part of the Education and Advocacy Project. This program is a model program that engages students in identifying and researching issues […]