Jefferson County Open School

The Jefferson County Open School is a public preK-12 school in Edgewood, Colorado, that embodies Meaningful Student Involvement. About All students focus on personal identity, social interaction and intellectual inquiry. This holistic curriculum is reflected in the twenty-four graduation expectations and the incorporation of personal goals in an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) which is carried out in […]

Standardized Curriculum, Assessment and Meaningful Student Involvement

Over the course of the last 15 years, I have repeatedly heard Meaningful Student Involvement is largely incompatible with the continued drive for standardized learning, teaching and assessment in Western education. As the student engagement specialist in Washington’s education agency, I studied the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 shortly after it was released. […]

Citizenship Education and Meaningful Student Involvement

Citizenship education provides opportunities for students to learn the values, ideals, actions and outcomes of shared social, political, cultural and economic lives. What It Is The elements of citizenship education include: Awareness: Students are aware of the rights and responsibilities of shared society. Knowledge: Students are informed about the world around them and learn about what matters to […]

Curriculum and Meaningful Student Involvement

Meaningful Student Involvement can be embedded deeply in a school’s curriculum. What It Is The question of who decides the curriculum in schools has a big impact on what goes on in schools. With influences ranging from textbook companies to politicians, and from school boards to businesses and more, schools and teachers somehow have to […]

SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum: Teaching Students to Improve Schools

  The SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum is the only program written for teachers and after school workers to actually engage students as partners to transform our schools. SoundOut can involve students in learning, teaching, and leadership better throughout schools today! SoundOut founding director Adam Fletcher wrote this program to teach middle and high school students how […]