Truancy and Meaningful Student Involvement

For more than 100 years, schools have wrestled with truancy. Anytime students are intentionally late for class, late for school, or skipping class, they are deemed truant by schools. There are a lot of rules and regulations in schools governing truancy. Most schools and school districts use punishments to enforce those rules and regulations. Meaningful […]

Dropouts and Meaningful Student Involvement

The question of dropping out and Meaningful Student Involvement is challenging. Research collected by a variety of researchers shows that students who leave school early often want to be meaningfully involved in schools. They frequently attribute dropping out to not feeling heard or engaged in their learning, by teachers or from education leadership. Realities Students face a […]

Understanding Student Disengagement

“Disengaged…” “Has a bad attitude…” “Is uninterested in learning…” “Slow and having low intellectual aptitude…” “Lives in a bad neighborhood…” “Lacks motivation…” “Socially maladjusted…” “Comes from a bad family…” All educators are well-meaning in their intentions for students. Nobody wants students to fail, no matter how poorly they are paid, how discriminatory they may be, or how brief/long they’ve […]

Adultism in Schools

Adultism in schools is bias towards adults that results in discrimination against students. It has a lot of causes, takes many different forms, and creates a lot of different outcomes. This article explores adultism in schools. Please respond in the comment section below! Every single teacher, parent, cafeteria worker, school psychologist, education administrator, afterschool worker, […]

Engaging Disengaged Students

Engaging disengaged students must happen deliberately, purposefully and responsive to surrounding circumstances. When student voice, student engagement and Meaningful Student Involvement activities happen without those elements, disengaged students will not become engaged. Personal Reflection My personal experience as a high school student was marked by struggling through the core subjects and excelling at non-core topics. […]