United States Office of Education Office of Students and Youth

The Office of Students and Youth is a former program of the United States Office of Education, now known as the United States Department of Education. Launched in 1969, the first leader of the office was Toby Moffet. Activities the office was created for several reasons: To seek technical and financial assistance for innovative student-run […]

Youth Activism Project

The Youth Activism Project in Washington, DC is led by Wendy Lesko. Their national clearinghouse encourages those not yet of voting age to be change agents by influencing both their peers and policymakers to address local and global problems, including in the education system. This nonprofit offers free strategic advice and leads to other youth-led efforts that are […]

Youth Education Alliance

Youth Education Alliance (YEA) is a group of teenagers and young adults in Washington, D.C. who know that we have the power to make a change. They bring youth together to identify the problems in our schools and solve them collectively. Through direct action and community education, YEA holds city leaders and school officials accountable […]

District of Columbia School Board Student Representatives

Following are facts about students on school boards in Washington, D.C. that were compiled for the SoundOut Students on School Boards Toolbox. The District of Columbia Board of Education serves as the state board of education and the district board of education in D.C. District of Columbia Board of Education serves in an advisory capacity […]

District of Columbia State Board of Education Student Advisory Committee

The District of Columbia State Board of Education has created a Student Advisory Committee. The DC SBOE Student Advisory Committee will be a voice for all students in the District of Columbia and a communication link between the State Board and other education decision-makers and students. Students who are committee members will also engage in service-learning projects […]