Student Voice in Madison

There are communities in the United States where young people are working with adults to lift up the voices of students and infuse meaningful student involvement throughout education. Last week I had a chance to visit Madison, Wisconsin, where they are doing exactly that. Over 24 hours in two days, I sat with more than […]

Summer Camp Day Three: What Can Students Do?

To begin day three of the SoundOut Summer Camp, I asked students to write down every single question they could focused on schools. Of the twenty students there, I received at least ten questions from each one. It was the page with forty-five questions that surprised me. However, one question stood out from the rest […]

Student Voice in Canadian Education Agencies

Following are a variety of examples of student voice in Canadian education agencies. Student voice is happening in a growing number of agencies in Canada. Every province in the nation has a Ministry of Education, as well as local education districts for both public schools and religious schools. These all deal with early childhood education, K-12 schools […]