Escola da Ponte

Escola da Ponte is a school in Portugal that has embodied Meaningful Student Involvement in classrooms successfully for over 30 years. Students voluntarily attend workshops to learn how to direct their learning processes. These courses are supervised by teachers trained in active methodologies. After they’ve completed these workshops, students develop the school’s curricula. Mainly governed by a weekly assembly, the school […]

Danish Association of Pupils

The Association of Danish Pupils is a nonprofit working with students in elementary and lower secondary schools in Denmark. The purpose of the organization is to create the “good school life” through an organization “by and for pupils”. The Association of Danish Pupils governs the pupils’ interests towards politicians, the media and other political players on the educational-political stage. […]

Meaningful Student Involvement in Europe

The topics of Meaningful Student Involvement, student voice and student engagement have been discussed, codified, researched and examined in Europe for more than three decades. The following links will take you to the information SoundOut has collected. Share your information with us in the comments below! Organizations and Programs Czech Republic: Center for Democracy in Education […]