Georgia Department of Education Student Advisory Council

The Georgia Department of Education Student Advisory Council maintains a standing student advisory council. Appointed under the auspices of the State Superintendent of Schools, the department maintains a student advisory council. About 50 high school students from across the state who discuss how decisions made at the state level are affecting students throughout Georgia. Members meet two times throughout […]

Students on School Boards in Georgia

Here are different facts about roles for students on school boards in Georgia. District School Boards In 1972, the Georgia state department of education reported that they encouraged local school boards to consider roles for students on school boards. We have no current information. Please share what you know in the comments section below! State […]

1970s Student-Involved Curriculum Writing

In 1972, students in Buffalo, Atlanta and San Diego were reported to be paid stipends for working as members of school district curriculum writing and review teams. These students participated fully in decision-making, evaluating and advocating for what they saw was best in classes both in their schools and throughout their districts. (Kleeman, 1972) Related […]