Youth Working for Positive Change

Youth Working for Positive Change was located in Des Moines, Iowa. This group worked to tackle the problems in their neighborhood for more than six years, with one of their key issues being education education reform. They are now defunct.

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Students on School Boards in Iowa

Students on School Boards Toolbox

Here are facts about roles for students on school boards in Iowa.

District School Boards

  • There is no specific law regarding students joining or voting on district school boards in Iowa.

State School Board of Education

  • There are 9 voting members, plus a non-voting student member.
  • Student representatives cannot vote.
  • Students are selected by the school board for one year terms.
  • Law: The Iowa General Assembly House File 2515 states:
    • The Governor of Iowa shall appoint one nonvoting student member from a list of candidates supplied by the Iowa State Board of Education.
    • Only high school juniors or seniors are eligible for the position.
    • Student representatives must have attended Iowa public school for at least one year prior to serving on the State Board.
    • If the student does not graduate at the end of the first term, he or she may seek re-nomination from the Governor.
    • Students are eligible for appropriate state reimbursement.

Iowa School Board Association

  • Students are not formal members of the state school board association, and do not receive specific training to support their involvement.

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