The Tree School

The Tree School is one of the most dynamic, engaging educational projects SoundOut has ever been introduced to. Located in the southern part of Bahia state in Brazil, it moves beyond the constructs and definitions of normal schools, including student voice and student engagement, and fully embodies every aspect of Meaningful Student Involvement. About The first […]

Experiential Education and Meaningful Student Involvement

Since it is one of the things that can make student involvement meaningful, experiential education is a at the center of Meaningful Student Involvement. Experiential education is any learning that happens through direct experience, whether it has intentionally stated learning goals or whether learning remains nebulous, interpretive or unspoken. Students create knowledge, skills and values from active, […]

Student Voice Reflection Activities

  Taking action, making change, experiencing new adventures… these are awesome reasons to get out and do something. But the richness of the experience, the learning from the experience, these are equally important if we are going to transform society through action. Reflection is integral to learning, because it helps us build self-awareness, strengthen personal […]

Creating Action Between Students and Adults

FACILITATOR NOTES Introduction: Activity for 8-40 students and/or adults Goal: When this session is complete, participants should be able to… Simulate the challenges of planning a project Have a group examine how they function under pressure Time: 40 minutes Materials: Long rope Space: Outdoors, with some variation in terrain Considerations: This activity has the potential […]

Lesson Plan on Trust Circles

INTRODUCTION Introduction: Lesson plan for 8-40 students and adult participants Goal: When this session is complete, participants should be able to… Build trust among group members in a relatively low-risk environment Time: 30 minutes Materials: None Space: Enough for group to stand in a circle. Considerations: This lesson plan may sound easy, but many people have strong reaction […]