Students on School Boards in Louisiana

Students on School Boards Toolbox

The following are facts about students on school boards in Louisiana.

District School Boards

  • In 1972, the Louisiana state department of education reported that they encouraged local school boards to consider roles for students on school boards.

State Board of Education

  • There are 11 voting members of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.
  • Today, students in Louisiana can join the state school board but cannot vote.
  • One student representative serves the Louisiana Board of Elementary & Secondary Education.
  • Student representatives are chosen by the Louisiana Association of Student Councils.
  • All student representatives are in the 12th grade.
  • Student representatives serve one year.
  • Student representation has been intact in Louisiana since 1986.
  • The student is a high school senior and serves a one-year term.
  • The student must have at least a 3.0 GPA and be enrolled in a member school of the Louisiana Association of Student Councils (LASC).
  • Students are eligible for appropriate state reimbursement, and student absences from school for State Board related meetings do not count against his or her attendance record.
  • Interested students submit an application to the LASC.
  • The application requires a transcript, two letters of recommendation, and a one-page essay.
  • The LASC Executive Director, one student, and the adult advisors from each LASC officer school review the applications.
  • The LASC Executive Director, the LASC advisor and student officer from each officer school, one high school principal, and the student President of the LASC then interview ten finalists.
  • This selection panel ultimately selects the student member of the State Board as well as one runner-up.
  • The runner-up is introduced to the Board and assumes the student position if the selected student cannot fulfill his or her duties.

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Students Rethinking Schools

2013BelongthruMSIIn New Orleans, Louisiana, a nonprofit called The Rethinkers has been working with students since 2008 to encourage them to dream big about the changes they want in their schools and take action to make those dreams a reality.

What It Is

Rethinkers believes students are experts on their school experiences, and actively engages them as advocates and actors throughout learning, teaching and leadership in the city’s schools. All Rethinkers programs build off of a fundamental Rethink philosophy, culture and curriculum. At the foundation of all Rethinkers activities is an intentional Rethinkers culture that is based on the core philosophy of “power among” not “power over.”

What It Does

This is practiced daily through the Rethinkers Circle. Based on Native American and African meeting protocols and customs, the Rethinkers Circle invites all members, no matter their age or status, to conduct daily business by sitting face-to-face in a circle of chairs, and offering their thoughts in turn. Through this simple, yet profound process, Rethinkers learn respect, equality and the twin arts of deep listening, and articulate communication. Rethinkers’s programs include a summer leadership institute, rethink clubs at local middle schools, and the Rethinkers Organizing Collective for high school students. (Rethinkers., n.d.)

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