Maine Legislative Youth Advisory Council

The Maine Legislative Youth Advisory Council includes education-related issues in their deliberations. Established in 2002 to advise the Maine Legislature and its committees on issues related to students, the Maine Legislative Youth Advisory Council is a permanent advisory council created in state statute. It is composed of three legislative members and 18 youth members and meets at least eight […]

Students on School Boards in Maine

The following are facts about students on school boards in Maine. State School Board There are 9 voting members of the Maine State Board of Education and 2 student non-voting members. The student members are a junior and senior in high school. Student members serve for 2 year terms. District School Boards In 1972, the Maine […]

Maranacook School District

In 2002, the Maranacook School District was considering accepting a grant that would place a school resource officer at their schools. Students discussed this issue at length, brought it to the attention of the student senate, and in turn, the student school board representatives brought it to the attention of the school board. The student […]