Collège Churchill High School

Students at Collège Churchill High School’s Youth for Diversity, or YFD, group struggle to effect long lasting and significant change in the school culture. The school is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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The group’s meetings offer many students hope as they pool their leadership, vision, skills, and hands to carry out objectives. The group has existed in various forms over at least five years. Their meetings offer the comfort of shared experiences and challenges, advice, listening ears and new approaches to combat stereotyping and antagonism. YFD has initiated:

  • Powerful poster campaigns
  • Fundraising activities,
  • Guest speakers
  • Gays of action (e.g. Day of Silence)
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The school’s staff members have been supportive, allowing YFD members into their classrooms for presentations, display posters and rainbow stickers, and let members miss classes for group activities. Administration has provided them with funding and access to school resources like printing.

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Manitoba School Improvement Project

The Manitoba School Improvement Program used to teach students about learning, including multiple intelligences, brain-based learning, learning styles, and emotional intelligence.

Students worked with teachers to have a voice in their own learning, and in the direction of their classroom. The program, which worked in three urban high schools, saw students – with the support of school administration – propose entirely new structures for giving students a say in classroom issues and directions.

The changes they reported facing included cross-grade groupings, and student training in facilitation and leadership skills.

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