Montgomery County Student Alliance

The Montgomery County Student Alliance was a 1,000-member student-led education organizing group in Maryland in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Activities Formed in early 1969, the Alliance worked to change schools, saying they “presently inhibit students’ individuality, creativity and independent thinking.” They published a report criticizing the school system as rigid and authoritarian and one that […]

Forum for Youth Investment

The Forum for Youth Investment, based in Baltimore, Maryland, has gathered several years’ experience in youth development and education reform to design a youth-centered vision of schooling called Ready by 21. They identified five areas, including Climate, Instruction & Curriculum, Connections, Outcomes, and Engagement. Their material explores this vision and offers new insights for school improvement. More Info […]

Algebra Project

The Baltimore Algebra Project in Baltimore, Maryland, is a fully youth run non-profit organization that tackles math illiteracy and seeks to empower youth within the city school system. We employ youth, both high school and and college students as classroom instructor, teacher assistants, tutors, and organizers. Over the last nine years, we have funded 2 million dollars in […]

Anne Arundel County Public Schools Office of Student Leadership

Anne Arundel County Public Schools, in Maryland, has been committed to fostering Meaningful Student Involvement throughout district decision-making for many years. The Anne Arundel Office of Student Leadership has been the home to most of the projects encapsulating the district’s commitment. Throughout the years, these projects have included: Superintendent’s Teen Advisory Committee. Composed of two […]