Mission Hill School

In Boston, Massachusetts, the Mission Hill School was founded in 1997 as a pre-Kindergarten through grade 8 public school with approximately 200 racially and economically diverse students. Education thought leader Deborah Meier cofounded the school with parents, community leaders and others to provide a model to encourage other schools to innovate. Students throughout the city are chosen […]

Students on School Boards in Massachusetts

The following are facts about students on school boards in Massachusetts. District School Boards In 1972, the Massachusetts state department of education reported that they encouraged local school boards to consider roles for students on school boards. Today, students can join district school boards but cannot vote. They are selected by the student government in […]

Boston Student Engagement Advisory Council

A collaborative group of students and non-profits in Boston have formed the Student Engagement Advisory Council. The groups, including Youth on Board, the Mayor’s Youth Council, Boston Plan for Excellence, Center for Collaborative Education, Center for Teen Empowerment and Project HipHop, work with the Boston Public Schools to impact citywide policy and increase student engagement. […]

Boston Student Advisory Council

The Boston Student Advisory Council is a citywide body of student leaders representing their respective high schools. BSAC, which is coordinated by the administered by the district office in partnership with a nonprofit called Youth on Board, offers student perspectives on high school renewal efforts and inform their respective schools about relevant citywide school issues. In addition […]

Boston’s Social Justice Academy

The Social Justice Academy in Boston did powerful work engaging students as decision-makers. Through sixteen student-created committees, students were involved in a variety of functions throughout the school, covering everything from school decor to student/adult relationships. According to one study, “each week an entire period is devoted to committee meetings and advisories; committees meet once a week […]