StudentVoicesNUA™ is a program of the National Urban Alliance. It provides students with opportunities to co-create with teachers innovative curriculum-related projects using 21st century technology, to increase their involvement in professional development, to mediate literacy and learning strategies for parents, and to participate in leadership discussions and decision-making. An exciting part of StudentVoicesNUA™ is having students co-teach […]

Students Against Testing

Students Against Testing was a New Jersey-based national organization created to be a strong force against the score-obsessed education machine known as standardized testing. At the same time, SAT also existed as an advocate for bringing positive, creative and real-life learning activities into the schools. Related Students as Advocates Elsewhere Online Students Against Testing website

Students on School Boards in New Jersey

Here are facts about roles for students on school boards in New Jersey collected by SoundOut for our Students on School Boards Toolbox. District School Boards  In 1972, the New Jersey state department of education reported that they encouraged local school boards to consider roles for students on school boards. Today, students can join district school boards […]