Cities in Schools Program

A teacher with the Cities in Schools program in New York City engaged her students as evaluators in order to transform her practice. She wanted to provide students with the experience of being in charge while helping them to develop skills in written and oral communication and logic. Believing students must be treated- and must see themselves- […]

Community Toolbox

Before anyone tries to improve schools, transform education or just make their school better through Meaningful Student Involvement, they should look over the tools for communities. This includes nonprofits, parents, student-led education organizing groups, and others. Tools for Communities Understanding Schools Intro to Meaningful Student Involvement Intro to Student Voice Intro to Student Engagement SoundOut Workshop Guide […]

Student Voice in Afterschool Programs

Meaningful Student Involvement naturally fits into the experience of students in afterschool programs. Where Meaningful Student Involvement Fits Whether seeking to build student ownership, foster engagement or empower student agency, afterschool workers can rely on student/adult partnerships to enrich, enliven and transform their programs. Planning—Students can be essential partners in planning entire programs, specific activities and […]

Raising Student Voice and Participation

Raising Student Voice & Participation, or RSVP, is a program of the National Association of Student Councils, or NASC, based in Virginia and working nationally. RSVP aims to identify student council as the primary vehicle for student voice and meaningful involvement. It is through student council-led initiatives that students are able to identify needs and address […]