Youth Empowerment Project

The Youth Empowerment Project of Columbus, Ohio was a program in that engaged homeless youth in advocating for themselves.

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They fought for funding increases for homeless education and other issues.

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  • More info is not available at this time. Please share details about this program in the comments section below!
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Federal Hocking High School

2013LearningthruMSIIn rural Stuart, Ohio, Federal Hocking High School gives students an equal place at the table when faculty hiring decisions are made, when curriculum is chosen, and when class offerings are determined. A former principal recently commented that,

“Students often find themselves preached to about values instead of practicing them. That’s why our efforts have been to focus on practice rather than exhortation. Everything we do, including classroom teaching practices, school governance, students’ experience… out of school, assessment, even the organization of the school day, is done with an eye toward developing democratic community.”

Students are also given full responsibility for all student events and various school programs, and a student serves on the local school board. (Haynes, 2014)

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Sycamore Junior High School Principal’s Advisory Committee

Students at Sycamore Jr. High School in Cincinnati, Ohio could serve on a Principal’s Advisory Committee. According to a local news report from 2007, the group was a “prestigious committee… [that] advises the principal throughout the school year sharing student perspective of the school including both grade levels.”

Designed to be cross-cultural, the committee partly sought to ensure that all students would be well represented. The students nominated for this committee were seen as positive role models for others, showing a lot of integrity, are responsible, honest, and articulate.

Members of the Principal’s Advisory Committee attended meetings throughout the year with the principal. Its not clear on whether this committee still exists.

Students on School Boards in Ohio

Students on School Boards Toolbox

Here are facts about roles for students on school boards in Ohio collected for the SoundOout Students on School Boards Toolbox.

  • Students in Ohio can join district school boards but cannot vote.
  • Students cannot vote on the state school board.


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