Student Activist Alliance

The Student Activist Alliance was created to empower students in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding counties. Following massive budget cuts in 2002 that threatened to ruin the district, the SAA staged a district-wide student walkout, getting coverage across the country. Related Content Student Organizing for Education Reform Elsewhere Online No additional information is available at this […]

Sisters in Action for Power

Sisters in Action for Power was an inter-generational, multi-racial, community-based organization in Portland, Oregon. They sought to develop the leadership, organizing and critical analysis skills of low income women and girls ages 10-18 in North and Northeast Portland. Working to build and strengthen the leadership development and organizing skills of low income women and girls of color, […]

Oregon State Superintendent’s Youth Advisory Team

From 2003 to 2012, the Oregon Department of Education operated the State Superintendent’s Youth Advisory Team (YAT). Made up of a diverse group of students from around the state, YAT members combined their experiences in the public school system with information relating to significant educational issues to inform the Department of student views and concerns. YAT […]

Portland Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council

In Oregon, the Portland Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council is comprised of student body presidents and/or their representatives from every middle and high school in the city. Several SuperSAC members have been integral members of the district’s strategic planning core team and other committees. A student representative to the Portland School Board is chosen every year. According to […]

Students on School Boards in Oregon

Here are facts about students on school boards in Oregon. Local School Boards In 1972, the Oregon state department of education reported that they encouraged local school boards to consider roles for students on school boards. Today, students can join district school boards but cannot vote. Each district decides how they want to select students, and […]