Feature on Dana Mitra

Dana Mitra is a key light shining in the dark for SoundOut. Since the inception of our work in 2002, Dana has provided constant inspiration and guidance, gently pushing our thinking as we established the frameworks of Meaningful Student Involvement and making strident efforts to take student voice further across the United States. Dana began her […]

Feature on Alison Cook-Sather

Alison Cook-Sather is a long-time writer, researcher and educator whose focus includes student voice, student participation and student engagement. SoundOut has followed her work since 2002, when her groundbreaking notion of authorizing students helped Adam Fletcher conceive of the Cycle of Engagement. Today, Alison is the Mary Katharine Woodworth Professor of Education and Director of the Peace, […]

What Kids Can Do Students as Allies in School Reform project

A national nonprofit organization hosts a nationwide program for students to determine how teaching and learning works better, modeling Meaningful Student Involvement. With major support from a national foundation, a nonprofit organization called What Kids Can Do funded organizations to engage students as researchers in their schools. The project was active in 2003-04 and again from 2011-12. Funding […]

Science Leadership Academy

Students at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are responsible for planning their learning throughout their high school careers, on the individual and group levels. Students who are involved in planning their high school learning can experience Meaningful Student Involvement. Working in Student/Adult Partnerships throughout their school, teachers and administrators trust that students will ask when they […]