Meaningful Student Involvement Planning Guide

(2010, 15 pgs, FREE) For too long student involvement, student voice and student engagement activities have been seen as ways to engage those who already engaged in schools: honors students, traditional student leaders and “star students”. Activities have not have been particularly significant or beneficial to even those students. Meaningful Student Involvement requires deliberation, intention and […]

School Year Planning

School year planning can greatly embrace Meaningful Student Involvement. Looking over the scope of learning activities gives students insight into how education operates. Engaging students as partners to drive school year planning provides a collaborative basis for Student/Adult Partnerships by giving students purpose in schools. More Info Students as School Planners Issues Addressed through Meaningful Student Involvement Meaningful […]

Preparing for Meaningful Student Involvement

No member of the education system—students, teachers, support staff, administrators, politicians, parents, or voters—is born knowing how to meaningfully involve students. It is important to prepare all parts of schools for Meaningful Student Involvement. Following are several steps that can be taken throughout the education system. They can be facilitated by students, along with teachers, […]

Strategies for Meaningful Student Involvement

There are countless ways that students can be meaningfully involved throughout education. After our research and experience, we have found that most of these ways fall into one of six strategies. Following are those strategies. Each page includes an introduction, descriptions of the type, places where it happens, examples and resources. Strategies for Meaningful Student […]

Cycle of Engagement

Are there certain steps every adult could take to engage every student in every school everyday? SoundOut says “Yes”. Since we began studying student voice programs around the world and operating our own activities across the United States, SoundOut staff have identified a pattern of activities that occurs in every single activity where both students […]