Truancy and Meaningful Student Involvement

For more than 100 years, schools have wrestled with truancy. Anytime students are intentionally late for class, late for school, or skipping class, they are deemed truant by schools. There are a lot of rules and regulations in schools governing truancy. Most schools and school districts use punishments to enforce those rules and regulations. Meaningful […]

Oakland Unified School District Student Engagement Office

Oakland Unified School District Family and Student Engagement Office in Oakland, California operates a district-wide Meaningful Student Engagement Collaborative made of organizations that support Meaningful Student Involvement, student voice, and student-led organizing. Today, Meaningful Student Engagement (MSE) works with district, site, and community partners to improve student learning and achievement through implementing the Oakland School Board-adopted […]

Funding Priorities

Meaningful Student Involvement can be present throughout educational funding priorities. Traditionally funded by taxpayer dollars at the local, state, and (at a smaller level) federal level, in recent decades schools have actively sought funding from corporations, philanthropic foundations, and private donors as well. Funding basic education is an increasing issue in times when government support […]

Policy Making and Meaningful Student Involvement

Policy-making can drive, inform, implement and evaluate almost every part of schools today. Affecting every part of education, it can also compel Meaningful Student Involvement. What It Is Policy-making includes legislation at any level, grantmaking guidelines, program requirements, program regulations, and initiatives by school boards, mayors, superintendents, or governors. More than one student voice campaign has the […]

Province-by-Province Laws Affecting Student Involvement in Decision-Making

What laws affect students involvement in education decision-making? Across Canada, there is increasing interest in involving in education decision-making. Many provinces and district school boards use laws as a reason whether or not to involve students. This page is a province-by-province summary of laws affecting student involvement in decision-making, and was compiled for SoundOut. The practice of relying on […]