School Site Councils

School or site councils: Students engaged in community-wide discussions about school policy. Students have full membership, and are empowered to go to meetings by the validation of their concerns and beliefs. Students are encouraged to push for what they need and want in their education. More Info Best Practices Club Students as Evaluators  

National Association of State Boards of Education

The National Association of State Boards of Education has a policy supporting student involvement in education decision-making. It states: Student involvement in education decision-making provides students with an increased understanding of the roles and responsibilities of policymakers and administrators, gives students an increased stake in their own education, and provides adults with a fresh perspective on […]

Minnesota Youth Advisory Council

The Minnesota Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) existed from 1999 until approximately 2004. Run by the State Commissioner of Children, Families, & Learning, the state agency that oversees public education in Minnesota, MYAC served as a national model. The Youth Advisory Council was composed of 15 public high school students.  According to Department literature from the time, MYAC the […]