Lesson Plan on Problem Solving

FACILITATOR NOTES Introduction: Lesson plan for 8-40 students and/or adult participants working in teams. The activity is designed as an experiential way of pulling together lessons from previous communication and teamwork. Goal: When this session is complete, participants should be able to… Practice solving a problem as a team Highlight issues of leadership, support, communication and power […]

Sabotaging Meaningful Student Involvement

Wrangled into the adult-driven education system by force, students are almost always neglected in educational leadership. When they are asked to become involved, they are usually last and their voices are generally tokenized. Either inadvertently or on purpose, this approach sabotages Meaningful Involvement. There are many other ways students and educators stop advancing student voice. Dana Mitra has […]

Overcoming Barriers to Student Voice

You tried to listen to students or you invited students to meetings, and nothing seems to work. Since then, every time you’ve suggested students participate in activities you think are meaningful, they don’t show up; worse yet, they smirk at you and fold their arms. Or you actually tried to speak up in class, and […]

Bullying and Student Voice

Bullying must be addressed as student voice. With the renewed interest about bullying in schools across the country, more educators, administrators, and students are looking for effective ways to address the challenges bullying presents. My belief that adults in schools can capture the power of bullying relies on readers sharing three assumptions with me: Bullying is […]