Illinois State Board of Education Student Advisory Council

The Illinois State Board of Education Student Advisory Council, or ISBE SAC, is a group of 16 high school students from across the state to bring student concerns to the attention of the State Board of Education. The ISBE SAC was established in 1975. The ISBE SAC is meant to be a diverse group of students […]

California State Board of Education Student Member

The California State Board of Education Student Member has been a fixture since 1969. They have been full-voting members since 1983. History Starting in 1969, the SBE appointed a student to serve as a board advisor. In 1983, the Legislature and Governor granted the student full participation and voting rights. Eligibility In order to become student members of the SBE, […]

Six Startling Facts About Students on School Boards

SoundOut is concerned about the absence of students on school boards in school districts and state boards of education across the United States, as well as in Canada, Australia, and around the world. Engaging students as decision-makers is a key to ensuring Meaningful Student Involvement for every student in every school all of the time. […]

Critical Questions about Students on School Boards

Its important to ask critical questions in any activity claiming to infuse Meaningful Student Involvement. There are many questions to ask before engaging students on school boards. Following are some of them.   Critical Questions for Students on School Boards Does the state or district mission include the preparation of democratic citizens? Do policymakers believe it is […]

State-By-State Summary of Laws Affecting Students on School Boards

What laws affect students on school boards? Engaging students on school boards does not require legal permission; however, many state and district school boards use laws as a reason whether or not to involve students. This page is a state-by-state summary of laws affecting students on district and state school boards, and was compiled for […]