Experiential Education and Meaningful Student Involvement

Since it is one of the things that can make student involvement meaningful, experiential education is a at the center of Meaningful Student Involvement. Experiential education is any learning that happens through direct experience, whether it has intentionally stated learning goals or whether learning remains nebulous, interpretive or unspoken. Students create knowledge, skills and values from active, […]

Lesson Plan on Action Planning

  FACILITATOR NOTES Introduction: Lesson Plan for 8-40 students and/or adults Goal: When this session is complete, participants should be able to… Simulate the challenges of planning a project Have a group examine how they function under pressure Time: 40 minutes Materials: Long rope Space: Outdoors, with some variation in terrain Considerations: This lesson plan has the […]

Reflection and Meaningful Student Involvement

Reflection may be the most important ongoing step to Meaningful Student Involvement. What It Is When students and adults critically assess and analyze student voice, student engagement or student involvement, learning becomes a vibrant, intricate, and powerful tool for personal growth, and can become a powerful lever for educational transformation. This can happen at the beginning […]

Washington State Learn & Serve America

From 2002 to 2006, SoundOut’s Adam Fletcher worked with the Washington State Learn & Serve America program. He provided expert training, consultation, and evaluation for 50 schools statewide. SoundOut partnered with OSPI’s service learning coordinator to provide training and technical assistance focused on meaningful student involvement in service learning for 50+ K-12 schools across Washington. Activities included […]