California State Board of Education Student Member

The California State Board of Education Student Member has been a fixture since 1969. They have been full-voting members since 1983. History Starting in 1969, the SBE appointed a student to serve as a board advisor. In 1983, the Legislature and Governor granted the student full participation and voting rights. Eligibility In order to become student members of the SBE, […]

Understanding State Education Agencies

The following is a list of every state education agency in the United States. It was compiled for the SoundOut School Toolbox. In order to understand education, you have to know what the structure is that affects you. State education agencies are generally responsible for implementing a course of action to ensure public schools exist for every […]

Maine Legislative Youth Advisory Council

The Maine Legislative Youth Advisory Council includes education-related issues in their deliberations. Established in 2002 to advise the Maine Legislature and its committees on issues related to students, the Maine Legislative Youth Advisory Council is a permanent advisory council created in state statute. It is composed of three legislative members and 18 youth members and meets at least eight […]

Students on School Boards in Hawaii

Here are facts about roles for students on school boards in Hawai’i. District School Boards In 1972, the Hawai’i State Department of Education reported that they encouraged local school boards to consider roles for students on school boards. In 1972, they also reported there was a nonvoting student member on the state board of education. Today, […]