Vancouver District Students’ Council

The Vancouver District Students’ Council, or VDSC, is a committee of dedicated student representatives from all 19 secondary schools and 22 alternative programs at the Vancouver School Board. The VDSC’s mandate is to provide student input in the planning and decision-making of the district. It is also an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills, work […]

Students on a Pedestal

There’s a special place where students are placed in stark contrast to their roles in our daily lives. Typically, students of all ages are segregated from adults, compelled to follow rules and laws they didn’t make, and shown what to do with themselves through advertising, education, family life, and community norms. Nowhere along the way are they treated […]

Raising Student Voice and Participation

Raising Student Voice & Participation, or RSVP, is a program of the National Association of Student Councils, or NASC, based in Virginia and working nationally. RSVP aims to identify student council as the primary vehicle for student voice and meaningful involvement. It is through student council-led initiatives that students are able to identify needs and address […]

Student Government and Meaningful Student Involvement

In many K-12 schools around the world, student government is intended to represent student voice. These groups include student councils, associated student body, etc. These are representative decision-making structures that operate in many primary and secondary schools. Frequently providing token opportunities, many address social activities and other superficial topics. Opportunities for Meaningful Student Involvement In a […]