2016 SoundOut Summer Camp

The 2016 SoundOut Summer Camp is happening August 1-12 at Cleveland High School in Seattle, Washington. Over the last five years, SoundOut has partnered with Seattle Public Schools to teach more than 100 students how to change the world! This year, we’re teaching students how to TAKE CONTROL of their education and how to MAKE […]

SoundOut for Students

Without students, schools wouldn’t exist. Meaningful Student Involvement assumes that the majority of students in every school do not experience schools in meaningful ways, either through learning, teaching or leadership. The following related articles can help students discover what they can do throughout schools and the entire education system Basics Understanding Schools Lesson Plan on Defeating […]

Student Voice Initiative

The Student Voice Initiative, or SVI, is a national organization in Canada that works with school boards to strengthen student engagement in Canada. From the perspective that students on school boards are the ultimate solution for effective student voice, SVI provides tailored expertise and action planning to help boards, districts and divisions build and improve robust student engagement models. […]

Jefferson County Open School

The Jefferson County Open School is a public preK-12 school in Edgewood, Colorado, that embodies Meaningful Student Involvement. About All students focus on personal identity, social interaction and intellectual inquiry. This holistic curriculum is reflected in the twenty-four graduation expectations and the incorporation of personal goals in an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) which is carried out in […]

Chicago Youth United

Chicago Youth United was a coalition of youth organizations in Chicago, Illinois, started in the 1990s. It worked to change school policies and fight for resources for students across the city. School security, dropout rates, school funding, school closures and racism in education were top concerns. Related Links More info about this group is not […]