Students 4 Justice

Students 4 Justice was is the youth-led youth organizing arm of Denver-based Colorado Progressive Coalition. They worked in three of Denver’s public high schools, fighting for greater public school accountability and student voice. More Info More info about this program is not available at this time. Please share any info you have in the comments section below.

National Student Power Convergence

The National Student Power Convergence was intended to draw together youth organizers across the country were in the same room together. Dream Defenders, Moral Monday arrestees, high schoolers resisting school closings and police brutality, statewide organizers from Ohio, New York, California and beyond came together to trade tactics and experiences, elevate disenfranchised voices, link struggles from different regions to build something […]

Student Organizing for Education Reform

Across the United States and around the world, students are organizing themselves into energized, focused and powerful organizations in order to promote student voice in education reform in substantive and meaningful ways. Working with adults as allies, students across the United States are stepping outside schools to organize youth and communities to improve schools. Leading […]

Boston Youth Organizing Project

The Boston Youth Organizing Project in Boston, Massachusetts, is a live community of youth and adults who are fighting for justice in the Boston-area and beyond. They have units in 22 high schools from suburbs to inner city areas and have taken on such issues as reopening recreational facilities, extending the hours of public transportation passes, […]