Youth Together

Youth Together is a community-based response to increased inter-racial conflicts and violence in schools. At six high schools in Oakland, Berkeley, and Richmond, California, they work with students to develop leadership to lead and organize school change campaigns that promote multiracial unity, educational justice, and youth empowerment. The mission of Youth Together is, “Grounded in our commitment […]

Student Activist Alliance

The Student Activist Alliance was created to empower students in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding counties. Following massive budget cuts in 2002 that threatened to ruin the district, the SAA staged a district-wide student walkout, getting coverage across the country. Related Content Student Organizing for Education Reform Elsewhere Online No additional information is available at this […]

South Central Youth Empowered through Action

South Central Youth Empowered through Action, or SC-YEA, is  located in Los Angeles, California. They are developing the next generation of activists capable of leading their peers and impacting public policy in their schools and community. By hosting chapters on high school campuses across South LA, SCYEA aims to amplify the voices of students in education […]

Seattle Young Peoples Project

Seattle Young Peoples Project, or SYPP, operates several student-led projects in Seattle, Washington, that focus on social justice and youth empowerment. One program called Youth Undoing Institutional Racism is currently working on several social justice in school issues, including getting military recruiters out of schools and rehiring union busdrivers who were laid off. In the past […]

Sisters in Action for Power

Sisters in Action for Power was an inter-generational, multi-racial, community-based organization in Portland, Oregon. They sought to develop the leadership, organizing and critical analysis skills of low income women and girls ages 10-18 in North and Northeast Portland. Working to build and strengthen the leadership development and organizing skills of low income women and girls of color, […]