Funding Priorities

Meaningful Student Involvement can be present throughout educational funding priorities. Traditionally funded by taxpayer dollars at the local, state, and (at a smaller level) federal level, in recent decades schools have actively sought funding from corporations, philanthropic foundations, and private donors as well. Funding basic education is an increasing issue in times when government support […]

Province-by-Province Laws Affecting Student Involvement in Decision-Making

What laws affect students involvement in education decision-making? Across Canada, there is increasing interest in involving in education decision-making. Many provinces and district school boards use laws as a reason whether or not to involve students. This page is a province-by-province summary of laws affecting student involvement in decision-making, and was compiled for SoundOut. The practice of relying on […]

Training for Student Decision-Makers

Training for student decision-makers: All students are engaged in constant and meaningful decision-making opportunities in their own education, school-wide and community issues. Schools train students and adults to be effective and empowered members of decision-making groups. There are two primary types of decisions students can make as decision-makers in schools. Individual Decisions: These are decisions […]

Student Takeover Day

Student takeover day: Young and old students in the United Kingdom have an opportunity once a year to work with adults for the day and become involved in decision-making. Children benefit from the opportunity to experience the world of work and make their voices heard, while adults and schools gain a fresh perspective on what […]

Student Government and Meaningful Student Involvement

In many K-12 schools around the world, student government is intended to represent student voice. These groups include student councils, associated student body, etc. These are representative decision-making structures that operate in many primary and secondary schools. Frequently providing token opportunities, many address social activities and other superficial topics. Opportunities for Meaningful Student Involvement In a […]