NOVA Project

NOVA opened as a public alternative school in Seattle, Washington, in 1970. Their unique curriculum offers students the opportunity to learn through democratic school governance. Committees govern the school through consensus-based decision-making. Membership is voluntary and includes both staff and students, each of whom have an equal vote. Teachers serve on one or more committees, […]

Portland Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council

In Oregon, the Portland Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council is comprised of student body presidents and/or their representatives from every middle and high school in the city. Several SuperSAC members have been integral members of the district’s strategic planning core team and other committees. A student representative to the Portland School Board is chosen every year. According to […]

New York City Student Voice Collaborative

The New York City Student Voice Collaborative (SVC) is a school district effort to reach high school students across the city and generate a wave of student-led school improvement. Details The SVC brings together public high school students to conduct comprehensive studies of their schools, identify relevant challenges, and implement student-led school improvement programs in […]

National Association of State Boards of Education

The National Association of State Boards of Education has a policy supporting student involvement in education decision-making. It states: Student involvement in education decision-making provides students with an increased understanding of the roles and responsibilities of policymakers and administrators, gives students an increased stake in their own education, and provides adults with a fresh perspective on […]

District of Columbia School Board Student Representatives

Following are facts about students on school boards in Washington, D.C. that were compiled for the SoundOut Students on School Boards Toolbox. The District of Columbia Board of Education serves as the state board of education and the district board of education in D.C. District of Columbia Board of Education serves in an advisory capacity […]