Cities in Schools Program

A teacher with the Cities in Schools program in New York City engaged her students as evaluators in order to transform her practice. She wanted to provide students with the experience of being in charge while helping them to develop skills in written and oral communication and logic. Believing students must be treated- and must see themselves- […]

Student-Driven Classroom Evaluation

With increasing interest in student-driven classroom evaluation, more schools consider student evaluations of teachers viable. However, focus should also be on the potential effects of students evaluating the entirety of the learning experience and education system. Opportunities for Meaningful Student Involvement Engaging students in evaluating classes and schools; teacher performance and efficacy; and self-performance and learning can […]

School Needs Assessments

Student-based school needs assessments are student-led, student-driven activities designed to promote student ownership over the school environment, activities within the school, classroom curriculum and climate, and any other aspect of schools and the education system.  Students voice their concerns and praise on topics including school climate, student ownership and teacher/principal responsiveness.   Related Content Best Practices […]

Student Self Assessment

Student self-assessments are tools for teachers and students, as well as parents and communities. They build students’ ability to be critically aware of their learning success, as well as provide self-guidance for next steps and further activities. In student self-assessments, learners can examine about state standards and use them to establish their own learning goals, creating rubrics and […]