SoundOut Research Tools

SoundOut has developed a series of research-related articles, tools, and other information. Following is our collection. Publications Meaningful Student Involvement Research Guide “Why Student Voice? A Research Summary“ “Defining Student Engagement: A Literature Review“ Examples Students as Researchers Student-Created Reports on Student Voice Adult-Created Reports on Student Voice Participatory Action Research Brain Research and Meaningful Student […]

ESRC Network Project: Consulting Pupils about Teaching and Learning

The ESRC Network Project: Consulting Pupils about Teaching and Learning was based at Cambridge University. It had a variety of aims, among which was seeking to integrate a theory of teaching, learning and attainment with a theory of student voice and participation in school change. More Info More info about this organization is not available at this time. Please share info […]

Student-Led Research Planning Guide

Students and adults can work together as partners or students can work on their own to examine the things that matter most to them in schools today. However, everybody needs to know where to start. The following guide was adapted with permission from CIRCLE. Student-Led Research Planning Guide Contents: Form a core research team. Think […]

Student-Led Research on Schools

In communities around the world today, students are leading tremendous amounts of research focused on education. They are examining topics that are important to them, to their peers, to their schools’ populations, educators, administrators, advocates, parents and others. Their examinations are powerful, deep and substantive, providing insight into the experiences, wisdom and ideas of the […]

Feature on Dana Mitra

Dana Mitra is a key light shining in the dark for SoundOut. Since the inception of our work in 2002, Dana has provided constant inspiration and guidance, gently pushing our thinking as we established the frameworks of Meaningful Student Involvement and making strident efforts to take student voice further across the United States. Dana began her […]