Students as Teachers Reflection Questions

Engaging students as teachers can be challenging, especially when educators are already overworked and under-resourced. Following are some reflection questions developed by Anastacia Brie and Grace O’Keeffe of the Hudson High School of Learning Technologies in New York City, New York.   Reflection Questions What responsibilities do you hand over to students? How do you monitor […]

Students as Integrated ResourceS (SIRS)

At Hudson High School of Teaching Technology in New York City, New York, students can participate in a program called Students as Integrated ResourceS, or SIRS. The program positions students in active student/adult partnerships that can foster Meaningful Student Involvement. According to the teachers who operate it,  students volunteer and come in after school to participate in a hands on […]


StudentVoicesNUA™ is a program of the National Urban Alliance. It provides students with opportunities to co-create with teachers innovative curriculum-related projects using 21st century technology, to increase their involvement in professional development, to mediate literacy and learning strategies for parents, and to participate in leadership discussions and decision-making. An exciting part of StudentVoicesNUA™ is having students co-teach […]

Independent Project at Monument Mountain Regional High School

The Independent Project at Monument Mountain Regional High School in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, shows great potential for student voice and student/adult partnerships. Regarded as a “school within a school”, the project was intended to, “create a school that allows young people to be completely invested and to move every kind of human being through the […]