20 Ways to Stop Student Tokenism

Oftentimes, well-meaning but poorly informed educators tokenize students. They inadvertently work against the best interests of students by using them to boost adults’ ideas and opinions about what needs to happen in schools and throughout education. However, student tokenism doesn’t have to exist. Learning about tokenizing students and being honest about situations that students and […]

51 Ways Student Tokenism Happens

When students are made out to be uniquely important and inscrutably right by sharing student voice, they are being tokenized. When adults brag about students’ presence and words without letting them say or do anything to change schools or the education system, they are tokenizing students. Student tokenism happens in many ways.     Following […]

Intro to Student Tokenism

Student tokenism happens when adults use students to validate adult views, actions or ideas. Tokenism happens in school policy and through activities in education every day. It is so deep in schools that many students and adults never know they’re tokenizing student voice, and students don’t know when they’re being tokenized. Students often internalize tokenism, which takes away […]