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Students on School Boards in Utah

Here are facts about students on school boards in Utah compiled for the SoundOut Students on School Board Toolbox.

District School Boards

  • In 1972, the Utah state department of education reported that they encouraged local school boards to consider roles for students on school boards.
  • Today, students can join and vote on district school boards. Selection methods vary from district to district.
  • LAW: Utah Code Ann. § 20A-14-206(1), (3)(a) (1995) states, “Upon receipt of a qualifying student petition, the Board of Education may appoint a nonvoting student member to the Board in addition to the regular members authorized by law.”

Utah School Board Association

  • They are not formal members of the state school board association, and do not receive specific training to support their involvement.
  • Student representatives are invited to attend state school board association events with their adult board members.

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