Raising Student Voice and Participation

Raising Student Voice & Participation, or RSVP, is a program of the National Association of Student Councils, or NASC, based in Virginia and working nationally.

RSVP aims to identify student council as the primary vehicle for student voice and meaningful involvement. It is through student council-led initiatives that students are able to identify needs and address concerns in effective and productive ways, founded in educational values and supported by the principal and faculty.

Student leaders, advisers, principals, or other participating school members of RSVP are expected to integrate RSVP into their student council agendas—training other student leaders to plan and facilitate summits and involving others in the development and implementation of activities based on summit results.

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School Boards

Students on School Boards in Virginia

Here are different facts about roles for students on school boards in Virginia.

  • Students in Virginia can join district and state school boards but cannot vote on either.
  • Selection methods for district school boards vary across the state.
  • They serve one year terms.
  • Students are formal members of the state school board association, and do receive specific training to support their involvement.
  • There is a special seminar at the state school board association convention.
  • Students may attend all state school board association meetings and there are networking events for students at these meetings.


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Arlington Public School District School Board

Student advisory boards have no governing authority but serve an official advisory capacity within a school or education agency, offering regular feedback and advice on student issues.

In Arlington, Virginia, the Arlington Public School District School Board actively seeks input from students through the Student Advisory Board. The Student Advisory Board consists of high school students who provide a student voice on matters of importance to the School Board.

They study important issues and make relevant recommendations to the School Board.

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