Seattle Young Peoples Project

Seattle Young Peoples Project, or SYPP, operates several student-led projects in Seattle, Washington, that focus on social justice and youth empowerment. One program called Youth Undoing Institutional Racism is currently working on several social justice in school issues, including getting military recruiters out of schools and rehiring union busdrivers who were laid off. In the past […]

The NOVA Project

In 1970, a group of students and their parents lobbied the Seattle School District to open an alternative high school that operated differently from the rest of the district. They particularly asked for a school without curriculum that centered on student interests, where teachers and students would share decision-making and activities could diverge from expectations […]

NOVA Project

NOVA opened as a public alternative school in Seattle, Washington, in 1970. Their unique curriculum offers students the opportunity to learn through democratic school governance. Committees govern the school through consensus-based decision-making. Membership is voluntary and includes both staff and students, each of whom have an equal vote. Teachers serve on one or more committees, […]

Students on School Boards in Washington

Here are different facts about roles for students on school boards in Washington. In 1972, the Washington state department of education reported that they encouraged local school boards to consider roles for students on school boards. Today, students can join district and state school boards but cannot vote on either. Methods to select district representatives […]

Generation YES

A national nonprofit organization based in Olympia, Washington called Generation YES promotes the role of technology in education by engaging students as expert trainers to teachers in elementary, middle and senior high schools. Students learn complex computer skills, as well as how to design lesson plans and deliver training. Educators, in turn, learn about students’ capacities […]