Vashon Island StudentLink

Student trainers can be effective trainers for other students and/or adults. For instance, students can lead trainings around a special curriculum, such as interpersonal violence or environmental issues. On Vashon Island, Washington, students from StudentLink, the local alternative high school facilitated a service learning training event for teachers and youth workers from their community. Over two days student trainers taught […]

Black Hills High School

Students participating in principal hiring, advocating for school improvement and taking action to enrich and enliven student engagement throughout their school during a regular course in school experience Meaningful Student Involvement. During the 2007-08 school year students at the Black Hills High School in Tumwater, Washington, participated in the hiring of their future principal. This is […]

Lewis and Clark High School

Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, Washington, offers a course called Practicum in Community Involvement (PICI) that engages students in developing their own year-long learning project. Students must incorporate certain elements into their project, including research, action and reflection, and identify a community mentor to guide them in their learning. Students’ responses to their […]

Cheney Elementary School

In Cheney, Washington, Cheney Elementary School hosted classroom-based project engaged in first-grade students in rewriting curriculum. Their teachers believed that if students helped to create the curriculum, the class dialogue about this process would shed light on how to make learning experiences more cohesive and purposeful. The teachers began by teaching students a unit, and then had students […]

Educational Service District 113 Youth Alliance

The Educational Service District 113 Student Support Services Team (ESD 113) facilitates the growth and development of school- and community-based academic, health, extracurricular, and social supports for K-12 students in southwest Washington. Challenge A national movement towards rallying similar organizations supporting similar young people in schools and during out-of-school time led ESD 113 to convene a similar coalition. […]