Madison Student Sentate

The Madison Student Senate (MSS) in Wisconsin is the official way for students to communicate with the Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education. There are eight representatives from each high school on the MSS, as well as the student board member and alternate, and the losing candidates from the final election for the student member […]

Students on School Boards in Wisconsin

Here are different facts about roles for students on school boards in Wisconsin. Students in Wisconsin can join district school boards. Students in Wisconsin can join Wisconsin state school board. Methods to select district representatives vary across the state. Students serve one year terms. They are not formal members of the state school board association, and […]

Madison Independent School District Board of Education

In the Madison, Wisconsin, a high school student representative and an alternate are elected by their peers to serve one calendar year on the Madison School District Board of Education. The student representative has all the responsibilities of an adult school board member, except those prohibited by law, and casts an advisory vote. The representative […]