Student Voice Revolution: The Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook

We’re Excited About Our New Book!

Student Voice ​Revolution: The Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook is the brand-new master​y​-level book ​focused on student voice, student engagement, student/adult partnerships, and more. 

Containing tons of details, this book is focused on engaging all students in every school as partners in every facet of education for the purpose of strengthening their commitment to learning, community, and democracy. ​There are more than 75 examples from the author’s ​experience and research, as well as literature from throughout education. Never before published tools, new models and useful tips are included, along with more than 300 citations, dozens of recent and historic anecdotes, and ​more.  The book also highlights unique ​approaches, detailed assessments and critical examinations of everyday school activities make this publication ​un​like ​any other available today. This book should be read by teachers, college students, other educators and school leaders and others focused on education transformation. 

Student Voice Revolution is an optimistic, realistic and pragmatic clarion call for the future of public schools in democratic societies. Are YOU ready for this revolution?

About the Author

An internationally-recognized consultant and speaker focused on student voice​,​ author​ Adam Fletcher has worked with schools, education agencies, and other organizations across the United States and Canada. ​He is the author the SoundOut Student Voice Curriculum, The Practice of Youth Engagement and The Guide to Student Voice. His writing has also been published in education journals and magazines around the world.


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The Guide to Student Voice


The Guide to Student Voice Advertisement

Packed with the information students, educators, advocates, and others need to promote student engagement in schools. Featuring a professional, easy-to-read layout, this short book is packed with useful tips, powerful activities, and great guidance for anyone interested in student voice today.

(66 pgs, 2014, $24.95)

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School Boards of the Future: A Guide to Students as Education Policy-Makers

Students on School Boards Toolbox by SoundOut, including research, examples, tips and more from SoundOut

A manual for student involvement on district and state boards of education, including student representatives and students as full-voting members.

It highlights examples, tips, promotional information and resources, as well as steps to implement student involvement. It also provides state-by-state profiles of students on school boards across the United States.

(54 pages, 2014, $15.00)

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School Boards of the Future by Adam Fletcher

Meaningful Student Involvement Resource Guide

SoundOut for Meaningful Student Involvement

MSIResources-coverThis guide provides descriptions and annotations for dozens of publications, toolkits, organizations, and websites that support student voice throughout education.

(35 pgs, 2003, FREE)

Download Meaningful Student Involvement Resource Guide.


More Info

Meaningful Student Involvement Research Guide

SoundOut for Meaningful Student Involvement

MSIResearch-coverThis booklet can give advocates a “leg up” in their research needs by illustrating the breadth of research available about engaging student voice throughout education. This Guide highlights fourteen research studies and includes a useful listing of research available.

(36 pgs, 2004, FREE)

Table of Contents

  1. Student Perspectives on School Improvement by John Beresford
  2. Authorizing Students’ Perspectives: Toward Trust, Dialogue, and Change in Education by Allison Cook-Sather
  3. Fires in the Bathroom: Advice for Teachers from High School Students by Kathleen Cushman
  4. The Question Of The Student In Educational Reform by DP Ericson & FS Ellett
  5. Special Forum Issue on Student Voice edited by Michael Fielding
  6. The Roles of Youth in Society: A Reconceptualization by Ruthanne Kurth-Schai
  7. Look Who’s Talking Now: Student Views of Restructuring Schools edited by John Kushman
  8. Putting Students at the Centre in Education Reform by Barry Levin
  9. Student Voice in School Reform: Reframing Student-Teacher Relationships and Opening the Floodgates: Giving Students a Voice in School Reform by Dana Mitra
  10. Learning from Student Voices edited by Penny Oldfather
  11. Student Leadership and Restructuring: A Case Study by Cynthia Reed
  12. Critical Voices in School Reform: Students Living Through Change edited by B. Rubin & E. Silva
  13. How to Improve Your School: Giving Pupils a Voice by J. Rudduck & J. Flutter
  14. In Our Own Words: Students’ Perspectives On School edited by Jeffery Shultz & Allison Cook-Sather
  15. What Works in Education Reform: Putting Young People at the Center by Joel Tolman, P. Ford, & Merta Irby
  16. Listening To Urban Kids: School Reform And The Teachers They Want by B. Wilson & HD Corbett

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