Training about Students on School Boards

SoundOut supports school districts, superintendents, school boards and education agencies that want to engage students on school boards.

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Our training focuses on:

  • Processes—Answers the question of how to advocate, where students should be engaged, and who should be involved in engaging students on boards;
  • Culture—Examines the assumptions, beliefs and attitudes affecting students, and challenges participants to learn more, do more and be more effective by engaging students on boards;
  • Procedures—Looks at the steps to engaging students on boards, including preparation, practices and possibilities for adults and students together and separately; and
  • Outcomes—Helps participants see the potential for student members by examining research, stories and metrics for successful students on school boards.
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Engaging both students and adults, we facilitate hands-on, interactive and practical workshops. Meaningful materials and engaging activities help participants identify opportunities, create potential and identify real avenues for students on boards.

Contact us to learn more today!

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