Training for Student Decision-Makers

Training for student decision-makers: All students are engaged in constant and meaningful decision-making opportunities in their own education, school-wide and community issues. Schools train students and adults to be effective and empowered members of decision-making groups.

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There are two primary types of decisions students can make as decision-makers in schools.

  • Individual Decisions: These are decisions made by individuals affecting themselves. They include whether to cooperate; how to be motivated; what friendships to have; whether to attend schools; and several more.
  • Group Decisions: Decisions made by individuals that affect groups of people or decisions made by groups affecting others are group decisions. They include representation, belonging, rituals, allies and many more.
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Learn how to make these decisions intentionally, effectively and meaningfully is a key to Meaningful Student Involvement in decision-making. This includes learning how to communicate, how to be critical and whether to even engage in decision-making.

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