Vancouver School Board Student Trustee

The Vancouver School Board Student Trustee began their duty in 2013. The student trustee serves for one school year, and can be elected for two terms.

According to Vancouver School Board policy, student trustees will…

  • participate with other trustees in discussions, and provide a student perspective on matters before the Board
  • present a Student Trustee report at the first regular Board meeting of each month
  • report regularly to the students of the VBE, through the Vancouver District Student Council (VDSC), the activities of the Board pertaining to public meetings of the Board and its committees

According to Vancouver School Board policy, student trustees can...

  • attend all meetings of the Board, including standing committee meetings
  • comply with the Student Trustee Conflict of Interest Guidelines
  • suggest a motion on any matter at a meeting of the Board or a committee on which he/she sits
  • have access to all information and resources provided to Board members (e.g.: reports, training sessions, etc.) with the exception of information related to matters which are being considered at a private/closed meeting or from which persons other than trustees are excluded
  • visit and meet with secondary school students in schools within the Vancouver School District

According to Vancouver School Board policy, student trustees cannot…

  • be a member of the Board
  • vote on any matter before the Board or any of its committees
  • have the statutory powers or duties of a school trustee under the School Act
  • cannot attend or present private/closed meetings or at which persons other than trustees are excluded.
  • cannot move a motion

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