Feature on Roger Holdsworth

Roger Holdsworth is one of the longest standing and most successful advocates and allies for student voice, student engagement and Meaningful Student Involvement in the world. Based in Sydney, Australia, his work is admired, learned from and shared globally by researchers, practitioners, students and others. He is also the publisher of the internationally respected journal Connect for Student Participationpublishing six editions per year from more than 35 years. Roger is widely sought after for his expertise in the areas of student voice, student engagement and student participation.

A longtime secondary school teacher focused on physics and math, Roger has been involved in dozens of highly innovative, student-led and student-driven projects in Australia. As a curriculum consultant and nonprofit youth director, Roger worked with several vibrant youth engagement programmes in Australia. In 1990, he joined the Australian Youth Research Centre at The University of Melbourne. As their manager, he wrote and assisted writing many reports and facilitated numerous research programmes. Since retiring in 2004, Roger continues consulting with a number of schools and keeps publishing Connect.

Roger Holdsworth Bibliography

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