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District of Columbia School Board Student Representatives

District of Columbia Public Schools

Following are facts about students on school boards in Washington, D.C. that were compiled for the SoundOut Students on School Boards Toolbox. The District of Columbia Board of Education serves as the state board of education and the district board of education in D.C.

  • District of Columbia Board of Education serves in an advisory capacity only.
  • There are 9 elected members, with 11 members total, with two elected high school juniors and seniors from public or public charter schools can serve for a school year with a 2 term limit.
  • These student members are elected by the citywide Student Advisory Council and confirmed by the board.
  • As members of any board committee, student members “have the right to vote, to make a quorum, and to participate as fully as any other member of the committee” (5 DC ADC s 116).
  • Student votes during meetings of “the committee of the whole,” however, are counted only for purposes of establishing a voting record and do not become part of the official vote.

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