Philadelphia Student Union

The Philadelphia Student Union has been working for more than a decade to promote a student-inclusive vision for school reform. PSU “exists to build the power of young people to demand a high quality education in the Philadelphia public school system”. Their work is powerful, effective, and deep.

A recent examination of the Philadelphia Student Union summarized one part of the need for students to take action to change schools, reporting,

“Student voice is critical not just because students have the greatest stake in schools and school systems and not just because their first-hand experiences can help us understand the real life consequences of policies and practice, but also because students are uniquely positioned to challenge neoliberal logic… [B]y flipping the script, establishing broad-based alliances, and demonstrating historical vigilance on issues that matter, the Philadelphia Student Union shows how students can take on critical leadership roles in the struggle for educational equity.” (Conner & Rosen, 2013)

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